Yoga is a holistic system that works on the mind, body and soul. It has been practiced for thousands of years in all parts of the world. Yoga has many benefits like relaxation, stress relief, improved metabolism, better sleep and more.

Yoga helps in improving your overall health by strengthening your muscles, bones and joints. It also helps in reducing tension and stress in your body.

1) Relaxation: This is one of the most important benefits of yoga. Yoga makes you relaxed because it helps you to control your breathing rate which ultimately reduces stress levels and relaxes you.

2) Stress Relief: Yoga helps you to reduce stress levels by giving you a sense of calmness while performing the asanas or postures during yoga sessions.

3) Better sleep: You will be able to get better sleep after practicing some yoga poses which are beneficial for relaxing your mind before going to bedtime.

4) Better flexibility: Yoga helps you to increase your flexibility, which means that you can perform various activities with ease and comfort.

5) Weight loss: Regular yoga practice helps in reducing weight, improving metabolism and burning calories which ultimately leads to weight loss.

6) Better digestion: Yoga is also beneficial for improving digestion and bowel movements by strengthening your abdominal muscles.

7) Improved body posture: Yoga helps improve your body posture as it stretches and strengthens your muscles, which also leads to better overall health.

8) Better concentration: Practicing yoga regularly will help you in improving your concentration levels by calming down your mind and making it more focused.

9) Improved sleep: Yoga helps you in improving the quality of your sleep by reducing stress levels and helping you to relax.

10) Reduced anxiety: Yoga also helps in reducing anxiety as it helps in calming down your mind.